Mission Statement:

Through the universal communication of dance and through purposeful endeavours, we strive to set a precedent of excellence in our community, and to be leaders in an effort to rejuvenate and sustain our environment for the future.

1. a) a member of earthdancers will be defined as follows:

- An active participant in the aim and operation of earthdancers objectives

- A responsible, dependable individual who demonstrates interest, reliability and commitment to the group.

b) All members of earthdancers shall be considered in good standing unless, or until, they miss four consecutive meetings without valid extenuating circumstances accepted by earthdancers.

c) All members may be removed or suspended from earthdancers for persistent neglect of their responsibilities or for any conduct or action deemed detrimental to the goal, mission statement or aim of earthdancers.

2. It shall be the aim of this organization to:

a) Learn how to plan and market a show by requiring members to take responsibilities for specific organizational and performance roles.

b) Learn the life-skill of commitment to task, the rewards of hard work and cooperation, and the joy of fellowship, sharing and working together.

c) Learn how to plan and implement projects and activities related to environmental objectives.

d) Become aware of and involved in the importance of community (local, national and worldwide) concern of the environment and its issues.

e) Meet on a regular basis to discuss and make decisions regarding the above.

3. A new executive/production team/individual shall be elected/appointed each year.

4. Meetings will be called whenever deemed necessary by the production team. All members will be informed of meetings by postings or telephone.

5. Major decisions will be made by all members of earthdancers in so far as this is practical.

6. All correspondence, reports, minutes, etc... from meetings will be made available to all members. A binder with minutes from each meeting will be in the office for perusal.